Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods & Canopies

Custom Built Range Hood or Exhaust Canopies Promote Air Quality

Air quality has a powerful effect on your business. Properly functioning range hoods reduce the risk of food contamination. They influence how clean your customers perceive your premises. By effectively the cleaning air, a correctly designed and built range hood will promote air quality and, potentially, the health of your staff and customers.

Custom Designed Range Hoods Ensure Ease of Use & Cleaning

How easy is it for your staff to properly clean and maintain the exhaust system in your commercial kitchen or food production plant? Custom designed range hoods can assist staff in maintaining high standards of kitchen hygiene by making cleaning easy.

Quality Manufactured Exhaust Canopies & Range Hoods Reduce Fire Risk

A poorly designed or manufactured range hood can result in a fire and potentially cost you your business. Not only that, fires can cost lives. Exhaust systems are essential equipment and worth getting right. We can help ensure that your exhaust fan equipment complies with health and safety standards, are installed correctly, and are fit for purpose.

Modern kitchen. Cooks prepare meals on the stove in the kitchen of the restaurant or hotel. The fire in the kitchen

Commercial Kitchens

We will inspect your commercial kitchen to ensure that the design and manufacture of your range hood or exhaust canopy will be fit for purpose. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring staff are able to access and easily clean your range hood.

Custom Exhaust Canopies for Food Plants

Food Production Facilities

Ensure air quality and hygiene standards in your food production plant with a custom-designed and locally manufactured range hood or exhaust canopy. Ensure your equipment meets Australian Safety Standards.

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Smoker Ovens
  • Range hood & splash-backs

Compliance Modifications To Range Hoods

Not all imported range hoods meet Australian standards.
Total Sheet Metal is experienced in the design and manufacture, and modification of commercial kitchen range hoods and exhaust canopies. We can inspect and modify imported products to ensure that they comply with Australian standards and are safe for use in your commercial kitchen.

Get Started

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of quality range hoods and splashbacks for commercial kitchens and food production facilities. Give us a call to arrange a site visit or email us your plans for a quote.

If you are starting from scratch, give us a call and we'll talk you through your custom range hood, exhaust canopy and splashback options. A chat with us could save you a lot of time and money.