Commercial Heli Deck Trolleys

The Heli Deck Trolley, also known as a Helicopter Deck Trolley or Helideck Cart, is specialised equipment used in aviation and offshore industries for the movement and transportation of materials on helicopter decks. Adherence to industry standards and safety are critical aspects of every Heli Deck Trolley designed and manufactured in Australia.

Common Features Our Clients Request for Their Heli Deck Trolleys

Compatibility with Helipad Equipment: The Heli Deck Trolley will be designed to work seamlessly with other helipad equipment, such as refuelling stations or firefighting equipment, without causing interference or added delays in the event of an emergency.

Non-Slip Surface: The Heli Deck Trolley should have a non-slip surface to ensure the safe movement of materials, even in wet or adverse weather conditions often encountered on helipads and in remote locations. Heli Deck Trolleys will need added components to the trolley that could double as an all-weather conditions use trolley should a standard stainless steel surface be required ensuring the trolley’s effectiveness and safety

Weather Resistance: The Heli Deck Trolley is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including resistance to corrosion, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

Lightweight Design: Heli Deck Trolleys are designed to be lightweight and portable allowing for easy handling and manoeuvrability on the helipad. Platform heights, length, width and the overall weight of the Heli Deck Trolley are to be considered when customising the Heli Deck Trolley for manufacture.

Sturdy Construction: Despite being lightweight, the Heli Deck Trolley is designed to be robust sturdy and durable to withstand the weight of materials and equipment it may carry and the harsh environments they encounter

Locking Mechanism: Heli Deck Trolleys have reliable locking mechanisms under all weather conditions, this is crucial to secure materials during transportation and prevent any accidental movement on the helipad.

Handlebars or Grips: Heli Deck Trolley has user-friendly, easy-to-use handlebars that facilitate an easy push or pulling of the trolley, providing the operator with better control and movement of each load.

Collapsible or Foldable Design: Most Heli Deck Trolley designs are collapsible or foldable in design to allow for easy storage when the trolley is not in use, saving space on the helipad.

Integrated Tie-Down Points: Heli Deck Trolleys have convenient tie-down points on the trolley allowing for securing loads to prevent them from shifting during transportation, enhancing safety.

Visibility Features: Reflective strips or other visibility features enhance safety, especially during low-light conditions or when the helipad is not well-lit.

Easy to Clean & Hygienic: Heli Deck Trolleys are stainless steel, a non-porous durable metal material, which means it doesn’t harbour bacteria or promote the growth of mould or mildew. Therefore the stainless steel Heli Deck Trolley is easy to clean, easy to maintain and requires simple wiping, and occasional polishing and resistant to common stains and substances and capable of withstanding extreme heat conditions.



Additional Features of Our Helideck Trolleys

  • Reflective strips or other visibility features enhance safety, especially during low-light conditions or when the helipad is not well-lit.
  • Wheels
  • Powered lift and lower function, for dual drive wheels, to enhance manoeuvrability in confined spaces
  • Variable speed thumb drive control wheel, for forward and reverse movement – mounted on operator handle, along with control for raising and lowering drive wheels, battery level indicator and ‘E’ stop button
  • Separate hand control to adjust deck height
  • Capable of handling ramps up to 8°
  • 20cm Ø central locking castors on all four corners
  • Powered deck height adjustment – 65cm min to 115cm max
  • Two x 12V sealed lead/acid gel batteries
  • 210cm long x 70cm wide nylon deck, with six tie-down points – a pair at each of the following positions – head end, foot end + middle of stretcher; three tie-down straps also supplied
  • Deck fitted with ‘air glide’ fold-down side rails that store under the deck, when not required; allows unobstructed lateral transfers and almost no gap between support surfaces
  • The operator handle folds down to reduce overall length when in confined spaces
  • 2 stage/2 hook IV pole located at the head end, folds down for storage
  • Removable end rail
  • Stainless steel cover over trolley base for protection, reduction in cleaning times and improved infection control
  • Rubber bumper around the head end of the trolley to protect helicopter side panels, walls and equipment in the ED



Factors to Consider When Designing a Helideck Trolley

Safety: Helideck Trolleys are designed with safety in mind. They provide a secure and stable platform for loading and unloading goods onto helicopters. Their construction and features, such as non-slip surfaces, safety rails, and locking mechanisms, ensure that goods remain in place during transport, preventing accidents and damage.

Efficiency: Helideck Trolleys facilitate efficient and organised loading and unloading processes. They allow for the consolidation and secure storage of goods, reducing the time and effort required for manual handling. Trolleys with appropriate compartments and securing mechanisms enable quick and easy access to items, streamlining operations and minimising downtime.

Weight distribution: Helicopters have strict weight limitations, and proper weight distribution is essential for safe flight. Helideck Trolleys are designed to evenly distribute the weight of goods, ensuring that the helicopter remains balanced and stable during takeoff, flight, and landing. This prevents any potential instability or risks associated with imbalanced loads.

Protection of goods: Helideck Trolleys provide a protective environment for goods during transportation. They can be equipped with padding or shock-absorbing materials to cushion fragile or sensitive items, reducing the risk of damage due to vibrations or turbulence during the flight. Trolleys also shield goods from external elements such as wind, rain, or debris.

Compliance with regulations: Helicopters, especially those used in commercial or industrial operations, must adhere to stringent aviation regulations and safety standards. The use of proper Helideck Trolleys ensures compliance with these regulations by providing a safe and approved method for loading and unloading goods.

Operator convenience: Helideck Trolleys make the job easier and more efficient for operators and ground crew. They are designed to be manoeuvrable and easy to handle, allowing for smooth and controlled movement on helidecks and within the limited space of a helicopter cabin. This improves operational efficiency, reduces physical strain on personnel, and enhances overall workflow.

Damage prevention: Helideck Trolleys help prevent damage to both the goods being transported and the helicopter itself. By securely fastening and stabilising the cargo, trolleys minimise the risk of goods shifting, falling, or causing damage to the helicopter structure, interior, or rotor blades. This ensures the safety and longevity of both the equipment and the transported items.


In summary, the importance of Helideck Trolleys lies in their ability to ensure the safety of goods, promote efficiency, maintain weight balance, protect cargo, comply with regulations, provide operator convenience, and prevent damage. Their role is essential for safe and effective transportation of goods via helicopter.

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