Ping Pong Tables

Outdoor Durability:

  • Feature: Custom-made ping pong tables are designed with mirror polished stainless steel features or powder coated steel materials that withstand most outdoor elements.
  • Benefits: The benefits of metal ping pong tables are that you can be ready to play at any moment and have various sized tables throughout the garden to up the ante. ¬†Ensures the table’s longevity in an outdoor setting, resisting factors like rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.

Weather-Resistant Surface:

  • Feature: The surface can be treated or coated for resistance against weather-induced wear or can be painted by you and coated in a clear lacquer. The metal we use maintains the consistent ball bounce and playing quality, even in varying weather conditions, however, in windy conditions, the ball spins in varying ways to keep you on your toes.

Custom Size and Shape:

  • Feature: Tailored dimensions allow for a perfect fit within the landscaped garden. The favourite sized ping pong table for gardens is currently 90cm wide x 160cm
  • Benefits: Optimises the use of space, ensuring the table complements the garden layout seamlessly.

Folding or Portable Design:

  • Feature: Customisation can include folding or portable options for easy storage.
  • Benefits: Enables flexibility in using the garden space for various activities when the table is not in use.

 Integrated Storage:

  • Feature: Custom designs may include integrated storage for paddles and balls.
  • Benefits: Reduces clutter, making it convenient to keep the playing accessories close at hand.

Durable Frame Construction:

  • Feature: The frame can be reinforced for durability.
  • Benefits: Enhances stability and ensures the table can withstand intense gameplay and potential impacts.

Adjustable Height:

  • Feature: Custom tables may offer adjustable height and accessibility options.
  • Benefits: Allows players to set the table at a comfortable height, catering to different age groups, preferences and inclusiveness.

Sturdy and Level Playing Surface:

  • Feature: Attention to the levelling and stability of the playing surface.
  • Benefits: Provides a consistent and fair playing experience, ensuring the ball bounces predictably across the table.

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