Garden Fire Tiki Lanterns

A Grand Gesture of an Entrance or Resort style living and events start now with our customised tiki torches and lantern boxes.
Elevate your entrance or embrace resort-style living with our bespoke tiki torches and lantern boxes, igniting a new era of luxury and event style hosting. Illuminate your pathway with enchanting tiki torch mood lighting, elevating the ambience of your opulent lounging area. From stand-up mingling affairs to seated gatherings, our tiki torches create an inviting atmosphere for your guests from the moment they arrive. Experience the allure of background mood lighting, a cherished addition by our clients that transforms event styling into unforgettable memories.

Wedding & Events: Tiki Torch Lighting Table Arrangements

Backdrop: Tiki Torch Landscaped Lighting Boxes

Backyard & Event Table Top Tiki Lantern Boxes

Lighting variations: Citronella, Flames, Torchlight, Solar

Tiki Torch Poles –Heavy Duty (various heights)

Tiki Lantern landscape Boxes

Art Sculptured Tiki Columns & Bollard Designs Custom heights & width

Tiki Table Top Table Runner Designs

Tiki Wedding Table Arrangements

Tiki Torch Screen Wind Caps: Our added decorative wind caps add a unique look and protects your gas flame from wind gusts. Tiki Wind Caps are custom made to fit your Tiki Torch.

Please adhere to fire wind weather advice before using. Keep out of reach of children. Do not leave unattended or use whilst intoxicated. We recommend for use as a battery operated torchlight. Tiki torches can fall over for various reasons, so please mount securely.

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